• British Firm to Build New Battery Recycling Plant

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British Firm to Build New Battery Recycling Plant

Apr 20 2023

Recyclus Group, a green engineering firm, is on track to open a lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Wolverhampton, UK, after receiving final approval from the Environment Agency. The plant, which is part of the London-based Technology Minerals group, aims to promote a sustainable circular economy for battery metals. 

The recycling plant will process lithium-ion batteries commonly found in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, as well as power tools and electric vehicles. This marks a significant milestone for Recyclus Group, as the facility will be the first in the UK to recycle lithium-ion batteries on an industrial scale. 

Last year, the company opened a lead-acid battery recycling plant in Tipton to handle batteries typically used in automotive vehicles. As the world moves toward electrification and demand for lithium-ion batteries increases, Recyclus Group expects to benefit from its early entry into the market. 

Chairman Robin Brundle stated that the Wolverhampton plant's launch is a landmark moment for both the company and the UK. Once the official certification is issued, the facility will start recycling operations and generating cash flow. Recyclus Group plans to earn revenue through gate fees and the sale of recycled materials, which will be used in various industries while also reducing landfill waste. 

The Environment Agency's final approval draft license indicates that the plant can begin full operations. Recyclus has responded to the draft permit and is awaiting the official certification, which is expected to be completed imminently. 

In its first year, the Wolverhampton plant aims to recycle up to 8,300 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries, operating on a single shift five days per week. The company plans to expand its capacity to approximately 41,500 tonnes by constructing five additional lithium-ion recycling plants in the coming years. 

Robin Brundle emphasized that the facility's industrial-scale capabilities would provide a strong competitive advantage as the demand for lithium-ion batteries grows. Recyclus Group looks forward to establishing long-term relationships with businesses and organizations in the UK and internationally that require end-of-life battery solutions. 

In summary, Recyclus Group is set to open a groundbreaking lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Wolverhampton, UK. The facility, part of the London-based Technology Minerals group, aims to create a sustainable circular economy for battery metals. By recycling lithium-ion batteries on an industrial scale, the company plans to generate revenue through gate fees and the sale of recycled materials, while reducing landfill waste and meeting the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries. 


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