• Four Talks on Detecting Fugitive Methane Emissions

Gas Detection

Four Talks on Detecting Fugitive Methane Emissions

May 04 2023

At ILM Exhibitions' Industrial Methane Measurement (IMM) conference, Cindy Verhoeven of The Sniffers, Peter Evans, Ph.D. of BP, Hossein Maazallahi of the University of Utrecht and Clay Bell, Ph.D. of Colorado State University explored recent developments in the methodology and instrumentation of methane leak detection. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Reporting against OGMP 2.09 and ISO 17025
  • A case study comparing two large oil and gas facilities
  • Components of next generation leak detection solutions
  • Objectives of controlled test protocols
  • What are the trade-offs between abatement and safety protocols?
  • How do your clients utilise your data?
  • Can better methane abatement increase the gas volumes available to European countries?
  • How detailed is the data produced by LDAR for methane leak detection?
  • Will it ever be sufficient to do only controlled testing at oil and gas sites?
  • Is it possible to add well-contextualised quantification limits to your measurements?
  • How successful have you been in utilising data to reduce flaring? 

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